Too much of a good thing

You can get too much of a good thing when exercise is concerned. When you exercise too much, it can be unhealthy. If you ever force yourself to exercise when you are not feeling well, become really upset if you miss a workout, base the amount you exercise on how much you eat, or worry that you’ll gain weight if you skip exercising for one day, then you might be a “compulsive exerciser.”

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Compulsive Exercise 
All about compulsive exercise and its effects. From the Nemours Foundation’sTeensHealth website.

Female athlete risks

If you are an athlete and have had recent weight loss, absent or irregular periods, fatigue and even possibly stress fractures, then you might have the “female athlete triad” disorder. If you have this problem, your bones can become thin and weak. Without treatment, the loss of bone strength may last forever. By changing a few things about how you eat and exercise, you can start feeling better again, having normal periods, and stopping the bone-loss process.

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Female Athlete Triad
A discussion of three disorders that put girl athletes at risk and tips for prevention.