Why exercise?

Exercise is not just “good for you” but it makes you look better and feel better too! Getting at least one hour of moderate physical activity at least three times per week will keep you fit and healthy.

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Why Exercise Is Wise
Discussion of types of exercise and benefits of exercising.

Sports and exercise safety

Many teens are injured while playing sports, and most of these injuries are preventable!

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Sports and Exercise Safety
Sports injury prevention tips and the basics of sports and exercise safety.

Strength training

What is this? It is using weights to increase your endurance and strength by increasing muscle mass, It is easy to get carried away with “weight lifting”, so click below and find out how to set up a healthy strength training routine.

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Strength Training
Some basics of exercising with weights.

Eating for sports

When you exercise regularly or are in any sports, you have to eat well to reach your peak performance level. Don’t forget to drink more too, to avoid getting dehydrated.

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A Guide To Eating For Sports
Eating right to reach your peak performance level.