It used to be that parents could expect their children to suffer from a variety of diseases that are now prevented with vaccinations.

In the United States, parents could expect one of more of their children to succumb to one the following diseases every year: 10,000 children paralyzed by polio; 20,000 newborns with birth defects and mental retardation from German measles; 4 million children infected with measles that leave 3,000 dead; 15,000 children with meningitis from haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) with many resulting in permanent brain damage; deaths of thousands of infants due pertussis (whooping cough) and 10 to15,000 deaths from diphtheria.*

Vaccinations have reduced the incidence many of these diseases. Some have been eradicated. But this can only be achieved through vaccination of everyone. When vaccinations have not been kept up, disease has returned such as in 1990-1998 in the Soviet Union split.**

Concerns about the necessity of vaccines and reactions can be asked of your health care provider and through the following link sites. Be informed. Don’t be caught unvaccinated.

The following sites have a wealth of information on vaccinations, requirements and concerns through a variety of links. Vaccination questions can be researched here.

Vaccine information for the public and health professionals

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** Facts obtained from the Immunization Action Coalition at