Sleep needs and questions for teens

David got caught up in another video game. He did not get to sleep until 1a.m. on a school night. Math class had a pop quiz and David was so tired he couldn’t remember what the teacher had taught yesterday. Now he wished he had gotten more sleep. Does this sound familiar?

Many teens feel they can get by with less sleep, but in reality, sleep deprivation affects our performance in all aspects of our life, not just school. It also affects your physical performance in sports as well as needed tasks such as driving and work. Don’t be fooled from all the commercials that a little caffeine will substitute for sleep loss. You are better off with an hour more sleep than a high sugar and caffeinated drink.

Check the links below and find out for yourself.

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Questions answered – even though geared for the younger teen, it has good questions and answers that may assist you obtaining the sleep you need.

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