CC_Horz_RGB_LogoIn response to many of our patients signing up for health insurance through Covered California, the Clinic is now accepting private insurance, including Covered California.

Many of our existing patients have signed up for “private” insurance through Covered California. That’s great for our patients, because the Clinic will accept the Covered California PPO plans. A high deductible is not a problem, because we still offer sliding-scale discounts to all low-income patients.

Three members of the Clinic staff are Certified Enrollment Counselors who can help navigate the complex process of enrollment.  The open enrollment period for Covered California is in the Fall and Winter, however, under certain circumstances, people can enroll at any time. Please visit for more information

Many people are surprised find that they are now actually eligible for the expanded Medi-Cal program. Medi-Cal enrollment can occur at any time, and patients can be seen at the Clinic.

Questions? You are not alone! Call the Clinic at 949.494.0761 to meet with a Certified Enrollment Counselor to learn more.