Use and abuse

At one time or another, you may be asked to experiment with drugs. That’s what it is when you take drugs, an experiment to your body. The results could be disastrous. You have read the stories in the media. Maybe you think, that will never happen to me. But, it does.

Unfortunately, there are also innocent victims of others attempts to get them high through slipping a drug into a drink at a friends, party or club. Be smart; don’t leave your drink unattended. Some have suggested even keeping your hand over the top of your drink to prevent someone sneaking something in while your attention is elsewhere. Know how to protect yourself so you don’t end up in the hospital, or worse the morgue.

Take the tragic story of Jordan, a 15 year-old guy who decided to celebrate the New Year by inhaling nitrous oxide, which is a gas used for anesthesia to put people to sleep during surgery. His mother uses it in her business to inflate balloons. He called a friend to come over and by the time he arrived at Jordan’s house, he discovered him asleep with a mask over his face. He had been breathing the nitrous oxide for about 15 minutes. All of the emergency room attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and they said he was brain dead already. Imagine for a moment how his family, his friends, and loved ones felt? Every holiday season is a reminder of his absence. Jordan was a straight-A student who was popular and happy. You can see how bad things happen to good kids as well.

The message? It’s not worth it to use any drug!!

The effects of drugs can be temporary or permanent. They may not be what you want and could affect your mental and physical abilities for the rest of your life.

Drugs come in many forms – liquid, pills, powders and inhalants.

Educate yourself, talk to a trusted adult or medical provider and then you can make the best choices for yourself